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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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dismiss l and i commissioner carlton williams, the controller, citing his investigation, that he says, shows, that following the deadly june 2013 building collapse that killed six, there are still too many dangerous buildings, and, too many improperly certified inspectors, along with a 235 percent jump in overtime costs. >> hundreds of imminently dangerous homes across our city are only one brica way from crumbling to the ground. >> reporter: minutes later i found the commissioner as he was leaving an unrelated press conference across the street in city hall. >> your response to his call for you to be replaced. >> this is first time i have heard this so when time ace pope eighth i will address it. it is as expected i will continue to do my job. >> he will continue in that capacity because i have full confidence in the work that he is doing. >> reporter: mayor praised williams for helping push reforms including new policies, increased manpower and record number of the dangerous buildings either torn down or sealed. >> if the controller, would
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actually take a breath, take a moment, to learn about the many changes, he would learn a a lot. >> reporter: but nutter saved his stronger word for butkovitz, claiming he was seeking publicity, rather than solutions. >> we're not going to get distract by that kind of nonsense or ego or narcissist particular personality disorder, that seems to compel the need for constant public a attention. >> reporter: responding to the mayor's criticism butkovitz responded with an e-mail that read in part mayor nutter is incapable of responding to these issues sub stanley so he decided to instead take the donald trump a approach of spewing insults and abuse. coming up at 6:00 what the numbers show about just how well, l and i is to go its job? we will see you then live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. police are investigating a robbery and assault on the property of the philadelphia
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school, it happened behind john marshall elementary school at griscomb and sellers a at frankford at 6:00 this morning. the the victim is in her 30's. the a man dragged her behind the school and demanded sex. when she for the back gunman ran a away with her purse. the parents are very concerned. >> stuff like this can really start you from going to school every day. it is not cool. i got to take my baby out of public school. >> we have the security guard on the ground, for the school. that would never even happen if they did that. >> school district notified parents about the incident as they dropped off their children, the the suspect was wearing a gray hoodie at a too many and thin mustache. police continue to investigate a deadly shooting in north philadelphia a. authorities found a man shot several times at fourth and cambria late last night, and police tell us victim was in his early 20's. they rushed him to temple university hospital where doctors pronounced him dead a short time later. >> he was shot multiple times
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to the torso, the amount, exact amount, he was shotty do not know but he was shot multiple times to the torso and i believe one time to the lower extremity. >> police say gunfire shattered windows, and parked cars. they urged any eyewitnesses to come forward. one lane remains closed on route 42 in deptford, new jersey following a crash involving a tractor trailer just before noon in the southbound lanes. two other vehicles were also involved, as police say an occupant in one of the vehicles was taken to the area hospitals. here's a live look at that scene, emergency crew is still working to remove the truck after it flipped over a guardrail in the woods. once all that is cleared away, they can begin their investigation. we are awaiting for other shoe to drop when it comes to the weather. katie is on the sky deck. what do you think will this great stretch of weather have have longevity. >> it looks like it will last quite sometime, that is good news at least in the weekend and we may cool it down sunday.
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most of next week looks okay. we are watching for potential for showers through middle of next week and have a close eye on next weekend when pope is coming to town. long range guidance is split, one models we look at has rain, other is completely clear. we will go with the optimistism and keep you posted on that forecast. things are very, very quiet outside philadelphia beautiful evening. storm scan three once again sweeping the a area not even finding a a cloud in the sky just a few cloud out there today. definitely a warm day. temperatures are above average. we are at 85 at the a airport. eighty-seven in allentown. seventy-seven mount pocono. eighty-four in millville. normal highs in the 70's. we are almost 10 degrees above normal. throughout the rest of the evening things are comfortable 78 degrees at 7:00. clear skies at 9:00 and 11:00. in the 60's. it had has been a hot september. we have had seven days of 90-degree heat. today mid 80's, not quite but 15 out of 16 days this month have had sunshine.
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we will add a few to that as we head through weekend. i will have more with the full forecast, coming up, back to you. mayor nutter wants philadelphians and those in the surrounding area to get excited about the papal visit. mayor spoke earlier at city hall. >> this is really about civic pride. it business using this historic opportunity to essentially tell our story to the world about our unique history, our exceptional people, the call this philadelphia region home. >> mayor discussed trash collections, city wide trash collection is canceled, for friday, september 25th and monday september 28th. regular collection will resume tuesday the 29th. we are just ten days away from pope francis visit, holy father will touchdown in philadelphia september 26th. today we're getting a look at what is been done to good service on the parkway when pope is here. alexandria hoff is live on the parkway with more on that, a
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alex. >> reporter: if you have a smart phone you know what i'm talking about. you are a at an event, you are all excited, you go to up load a photo and video and spend 20 minutes staring wondering why that up load keeps failing. that my friend is called wireless congestion and today major carriers explained to us what they have done to make sure that does not happen. take a look at this new addition to the parkway. like twitter followers, already did. thanks in part to these 37 poles, the goal to preserve speedy wireless service and up load time in the presence of the pope and his followers. >> right at the corner here and take a left. >> reporter: we looked at how this will work. >> thinks our electronic remote unit for carriers, as he well as square box up top is housing two antennas inside. >> reporter: today verizon and at&t have invested 50 million-dollar in beefing up cities wireless coverage in particular from the art museum down to the logan square. t mobile has joined up with
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infrastructure providers crown capsule who spent last six months cabling and fiber optic to the so-called areas. >> we have also had eight cell sites, portable cell sites deployed, taking that same antenna technology and deploying it to fourth and arch and 15th and market to add capacity to love park and independent hall. >> reporter: a dry run came at this labor day weekend with the made in america festival. the technology was partially in place at that point. >> that was an opportunity to test the the performance and then is there all kind of tweaks and adjustments made right up until the last minute. >> reporter: it is a bold crowd projections the providers believe this investment will accommodate sharing of the once in a lifetime photos and videos in real time. so some of those mobile units will be heading out when pope does these things are staying forever. they are permanent, i'm told that will make philadelphia one of if not the most
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connected city in the country. reporting live from the parkway, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the papal visit. get latest anytime at cbs philadelphia landmark is one step closer to a dramatic transformation. sixteen years in the making. city officials and developers have held a ground breaking for a project that promises to restore divine lorraine to the former glory. "eyewitness news" reporter real solomon is at the hotel on north broad street to tell you what is more about what is happening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. take a a look i will step out of the way this has been here since about 1:00 this afternoon. everybody wait toss get inside divine lorraine. just part of the reason such a long line, they are only letting small amount of people in at one time but a lot of the people that i have spoken to say they cannot believe that this day has come. >> i'm here for a very long
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time to see this building open up. >> reporter: philadelphia neighbors questions if they will ever see the day. >> three, two, one. >> wednesday, september 16th, 2015, renovations on a historic divine lorraine hotel began. this is 1894, but 1999, developers say the project is full of obstacles. >> we work, work, to get these numbers together. this is most complicated building in my 35 year career. >> reporter: sixteen year project is expected to cost about 44 million-dollar. develop's agreed to preserve historical aspects of the building is a experience and return their eligible for federal tax credit. eager fans used the ground breaking as a chance to buy some divine clothes and keepsakes much like these folks, the developer says that the building, has to be restored. >> this building has a
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mystique, it has a spirit, unlike, any other project that we have ever seen before. >> reporter: with the renovation and a addition of the more than 100 apartments or restaurant, and nearby business owners said they expect major changes to the neighborhood. >> it is great work, more people here. >> i have been waiting for so long, i would say. >> i'm 26. it is a long time. >> reporter: now developers say it will take them 18 months to renovate, i'm told, now it is for retail space and restaurants, for stores two through 11 are apartments. reporting live on broad street, real solomon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. motorcycles were presented to the philadelphia a police department elite highway patrol unit. >> eight brand new harley's were purchased through the
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none in profit philadelphia police foundation. fully outfitted bikes are replacement for older bikes in the unit and they will be put in service right away. officers use their motorcycles to escort pope francis around the city during the historic visit. coming up, research hours combed the ruble of 9/11 have been called into look for people lost in flood waters in utah. we will take you back to the scene. from water to fire, this is a scene in california where hundreds of homes have been destroyed, what fire fighters say is helping them in this battle. whether you are buying coffee or taking a cab ride new technology to make for tricky tipping situation, three on your side jim donovan has a look at tipping in the high tech age. we will be right back.
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investigating a accused charleston church shooter. law enforcement official tells the associated press that joey meek, received a letter last month about a probe, authorities are reportedly investigating him, for obstruction of justice, and, for failing to report a crime despite knowledge of it.
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the accused kill or dylann roof stayed with meets in the weeks heating up to the june 17th shootings. search cruz recovered bodies of the hiker swept away by flash flood in the the zion national park. another person is still missing. 20 miles away, video captured near out take arizona board er shows powerful water a as it carried away two vehicles. only three of the 16 women and children inside survived. crews who searched the world trade center site after 9/11 have joined the effort. two massive wild fires, continue to gobble up drought dry lands at homes across northern california, but state officials have recent cooler temperatures have helped them gain a upper hand on wild fire, east of sacramento. the buck fire has burned more than 200 homes, and 71,000 acres since it started more than a week ago and officials say it is now 45 percent contained, now take a look at the destruction caused by the valley fire that has been north of san francisco. more than 67,000 acres, and nearly 600 homes have burned since saturday, this wild fire
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is also blamed for the death of an elderly woman trapped inside of her home as flames, consumed her neighborhood. well, from the coffee shop to the taxi cab, new technology can pose a tricky tipping situation. >> to tip or not to tip. three on your side consumer reporter jim ton van looked at modern day tipping questions. >> that is right. >> reporter: tipping is a hot topic of conversation, people have very strong opinions, some don't want to risk insulting someone or looking like a cheap skate while others are concerned about wasting money. when swiping plastic for more than coffee consumers are of faced with another screen, asking how much they'd like to tip. some find that more intimidating then the old tip jar, while others asked really? miriam cross of kiplinger personal finance looked in the tipping etiquette pose by new technology, starting with the coffee shop or anyplace where customers aren't served at a table if someone gives you
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good service, if they have gone out of their way to accommodate your allergy, or if they have put an extra scoop on your ice cream cone it is lovely thing to leave money in the tip jar or add ten to 15 percent on your tip bill. >> reporter: another tipping question is posed by uber, which provides for an entire transaction within the back, no cash or card to exchange, their web site says there is no need to tip your driver. the the app, some others, don't give users an opportunity to tip a driver who goes above and beyond. in that case, cross suggest a low tech approach. >> one tip would i add is doesn't hurt to carry carbon you because you may find yourself in situations where you want to add a gra tooth but can't add to it your credit card. >> reporter: if you haven't recalibrated your tipping frame of mind lately there has been an update there too. 18 percent is the new normal at restaurants, that is up from 15 percent. >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> good thing about uber it is
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just tipping for you, you don't to have think bit. >> if you want to add extra, you know, the the coffee stuff drives me insane. i waited tables in high school. so i completely over tip my waiters and waitresses but i'm sorry, there is sometimes i'm like no. >> speaking of which tip included in your bill, you an ad something extra. >> if it is a waiter, waitress or bartender just making something interesting, no. the the thing that drives me nuts when you put a a dollar in the thing and they don't see it. >> yes. >> exactly. >> thanks. >> kate bilo is here with a look at some wonderful weekly tipping, tipping you. >> yes. >> i'll take it. >> through go. >> well, it has been a beautiful week. today has been warm if you are not looking at, forward to summer weather anymore we have got some changes, cooler weather eventually but we will above average rest of the week and right into the weekend. still no real fall in the forecast, just yet, we're not
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talking about many days in the 60's but we have got sunshine. lets look outside. you can see a beautiful day. we will take to you a live view a at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach and nothing but sunshine there pretty nice beach day. folks outside on the beach walking the board, it is 75 at the moment there. good week to head down the the shore. we used to go in september my family growing up and in the past few years, shift todd august. september is always a little bit of the crap shoot because you never know if it will be on the chilly side but i can tell you if you took a gamble and picked this week at delaware beaches or down the shore you pick a good one. beautiful weather outside and it will continue through the end of the week. storm scan three completely clear, nothing happening, zooming in way out, and we have to zoom way out to see impacts that head our way this system to the south, few cloud lifting up but high pressure keeping this suppressed to the south. this is our next front through the upper midwest and that will get here sunday but does not have moisture to work with. right now 84 in millville. eighty-two in milton.
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eighty in newark delaware. eighty-five in philadelphia so we should be in the 70's this time of the year and every spot on the map, except mount pocono is in the 80's. eighty-two in pottstown. normal high 78 degrees. we are well above that today, tomorrow, friday. saturday maybe close to average but then sunday the the temperatures drop down to at or below normal, sunday into monday of next week. heading to the phillies game tonight, beautiful night for baseball, first pitch temperature 78 degrees, very pleasant evening. clear, mild in the ninth inning at 73. high pressure overhead means nice stretch continues, we're in the 80's for tomorrow. staying there on friday as well and then heading in to saturday still mostly sunny and in the 80's but that front approaches and could bring us a chance for some clouds and slightly cooler weather on sunday. we have tropical depression number nine to keep an eye on in the opened atlantic this has a 70 percent chance of development to the south and west of cape verde. we will keep you posted if these will pose any threat to our area, right now they will
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stay over opened water. clear, calm, comfortable 63 degrees. another beauty at 85 in the city. down the shore great day down the shore 80 degrees for thursday, friday nice again at 80 with sunshine. eyewitness weather three day forecast, again, stretch continues, 85 on thursday. eighty-five on friday. eighty-four on saturday. this ace above average. but you cannot complain about this weather because humidity is so low it is not oppressively hot. it is not steamy. cool nights, cool mornings, nice warm afternoons. perfect. >> thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" jon stewart lend more star power to the cause of the 9/111th responders. >> he is not happy. >> why is it incumbent upon our first responders to have to consistently push to get the benefits that are coming to them purely for their acts of valor. >> still congress helps first responders get medical care, we will have more, from these
5:22 pm
impassioned rallies next. >> good deal for families one restaurant is bringing back the never ending pasta pad, we have details, don. >> eagles trying to put the the loss of the falcons behind them. they have a lot to fix before sunday's home opener with the cowboys. we will hear from the players on what needs to change, coming up next in sports.
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talk about short term memory, let it go. >> amnesia's important playing professional sports. you over the falcons loss? eagles are. time to turn the page. bird back on the practice field in south philadelphia, after monday night football, they have a short week to prepare for the cowboys. they have a lot of work to do. one of the things they will focus on is starting fast. they have trailed the falcons by 17 after half time. brandon graham has a solution. >> just be cool, i feel like everybody was just kind of riled up because it was first game, everybody was trying to
5:26 pm
make plays but once everything settled down. chip all he said was just go out there and play our game. >> we started off the game fired up, we lose track of the minor details you need to be focused on. we knew how they were going to play us on defense. when we looked at the film we did not do the right techniques for the way they were playing us sunday could be a personal affair for demarco murray, he spent first four years of his career with the cowboys, he had 9 yards against the falcons. what does he think about facing the boys. >> we will hear from him, at 6:00. he has to be fired up. he is much better then he showed on monday night. >> why not show it against his old squad. >> bring it. >> yes. >> appreciate it. >> coming up in the next half an hour the the second republican presidential debate is tonight, preparations are underway, some think candidates will go hard on donald trump. we will have a preview, next. targeting changes coming to target that aims to if the company employees and you,
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home safe, we will be right back.
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there's something for everyone.
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philadelphia city controller alan butkovitz is calling for removal of the l and i commissioner carlton williams. buck variety says there are still too many dangerous buildings in philadelphia a, following the deadly center city building collapse in 2013. mayor nutter says he supports williams. we have a look today at some new equipment in place along ben franklin parkway to ensure cell phone service when the pope comes to town. portable cell towers and antenna have been installed atop streetlights and other equipment is brought in as well. officials and developers break ground on a 44 million-dollar redevelopment, of the historic divine lorraine hotel in philadelphia renovations on the north broad street site will include retail space and more than 100
5:31 pm
apartments. the kate? and sunny stretch of weather continues not much to talk about in the weather department over the next couple of days but we have some changes in the seven day forecast, cooler weather moves in next week and we have a chance for rain, coming up in the seven day, i will tell you when that chance for rain is, and we will take a look at that full forecast, a and how cool it will get as well coming up in a few minutes. new at 5:30, the 11 republican presidential candidates are gearing up for a political showdown at their second prime time debate. donald trump maintains a solid lead in the race for g.o.p. nomination but highly anticipated event has potential to shake up the race. craig boswell has detailed. >> reporter: donald trump insist he is superior to his rival is a aboard the u.s.s. iowa tuesday night on the eve of the second republican presidential don't. >> it is an instinct, it is something that is special, they don't have it.
5:32 pm
believe me, they don't have it. >> reporter: real estate mogul will take certainty stage, flanged by ten other candidates including doctor ben carson closing in on trump's lead. >> trump end up over playing his hand a and gets too aggressive and combative that can hurt him and provide a opening for carson to move up further. >> who needs to do their best. >> probably jeb bush. >> reporter: former florida governor has slipped in the polls to third and has single digit support. prime time debate at ronald reagan presidential library is expected to last at least two hours, most of the candidates say they will take on trump and push him for specifics. trump who has insulted carli fiorina's appearance will share the stage with the former hewlett packard ceo for the the first time. >> donald trump is a energy. i think i am a leader. >> his criticism of fiorina is most harsh, personal and possibly the most problematic. >> reporter: remaining four
5:33 pm
candidates squaring off in the polls will square off in the earlier debate. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house november 9th to discuss at ran nuclear deal. it will be first formal meeting between the two leaders in months. president refused to see netanyahu in march after he harshly criticized the u.s. negotiated deal. congressional republicans failed this week to block the deal from going, forward. former daily show host jon stewart is in washington speaking up for 9/11 victims. stewart called on congress to extend health care benefits for all 9/111th responders. >> i want to apologize to all of the men and women the first responders that you had had to come down here today, i'm embarrassed. i'm embarrassed for our country, i'm embarrassed for new york. i'm embarrassed that you, after serving so self leslie with such heroism have to come down here and convince people
5:34 pm
to do what is right for the illnesses and difficulties that you suffered because of your heroism and because of yourself lessness. >> under current law health and monitoring efforts for first responders will expire next month, if the law is not extended. tensions are boiling over a long the border of hungary and serbia where a migrant crisis is unfolding. police pulled out tear gas and water cannon toss keep control. hundreds of migrant are stranded near hungary after authorities sealed off border. cbs news correspondent charlie dagada has more on the crisis. >> reporter: migrants rally with mid certain use's boarder with hungary demanding authorities let them through. some made it past a razor wire fence and then authorities helped erect anyone who does. >> families with young children reports to spend a cold night on the highway.
5:35 pm
there is nothing to heat eat and nobody to guide them through another way. that means, that after having traveled from turkey through grease, through macedonia and serbia they now have to go around hungary through croatia and cut across australia in order to reach germany. migrants have have already begun the long walk in that direction with some arriving by the bus load in croatia throughout the night, and into this morning. the only legal way is to apply for asylum where they are let nothing handfuls of people at a time. on monday 9,000 people crossed the border, but hungary officials said they have allowed 07 into apply for asylum, who are being detained while that process is underway, the rest immediately rejected, and deported. charlie dagad a a for cbs news, serbia. the city's only jesuit high school is planning to
5:36 pm
welcome hundreds of students when the pope comes to town. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao shows us how they are getting ready for the papal pilgrimage. >> it is go time at saint joe's prep. the holy father steps foot in philadelphia in just ten days, students here are making sure they are prepared for the pilgrimage. >> these are our two philly four francis. >> reporter: the excitement is palpable. >> i think it is awesome. >> we never necessity when this will happen again. >> reporter: prep isn't just preparing to see the pope, the school is getting ready for influx of students. it took an assembly line reese thrown pack these welcome bags for 350 kids from 42 jesuit high schools all across the u.s., canada and a puerto rico. they will stay there during world meeting of families and sleep in classrooms. after all motto is it is a pilgrimage not a vacation. >> they will stay on the floor in sleeping bags and some people will bring air
5:37 pm
mattresses that is as luxurious as we get. >> reporter: demand was incredible. prep received rs vp's within minutes, the decision to play host, simply fell in line with their jesuit mission. >> we thought it would be great to open up our doors and be whose pittable to our jesuit family brothers and sisters. >> reporter: back to the swag bags a as they are called. they are filled with gear tagged with to philly for francis a logo with a logical purpose. >> when we're down at the parkway at the mass, they will stand out because we will be all wearing the same shirts. >> reporter: also an image meant to leave a lasting impression. >> we hope they take it home with them. share witt their classmates. share it with their family and friend ape carry it on well beyond september 28th. >> reporter: what bay visit to philadelphia's jesuit high school by the jesuit pope. >> odds are pretty low but i guess there are odd, you never know, pope francis is a pope of surprises so maybe he will tap his driver on the shoulder and stop by. >> reporter: perch here at st. joes prep will be the hub of all activity come next week.
5:38 pm
students will arrive on thursday and then on saturday and sunday the pilgrimage into center city. the reporting from north philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". phillies are getting excited about the visit of pope francis to philadelphia tonight fans can get a pope francis rookie card at first base, third base and left field kiosks. the phillies are honoring pope in the final game of the ten day home stan. the phillies will be on the road starting friday through the papal visit. very, very cool. >> yeah. >> batting for the vatican. >> if you are having salad for dinner we have a warning, some cucumbers are being recalled because they may make you sick. details on the healthwatch. and two of the world's biggest beers may soon become the the same, we will tell but a possible merger of beer companies, kate? and the beautiful stretch continues, if you like today you'll like tomorrow and you'll like friday and saturday as well but we have some changes for part two of the weekend, and those will continue into next week. i'll have more coming up with the big seven day forecast coming up as soon as we coat
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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if you have one your iphone battery should last an hour longer after today. >> that is if you down load the new operating system that is out today, ios9 is now available and in addition to the longer battery life the new system will let you know which apps are depleting your power, siri will seem smarter, based on answering on location and app preferences. a merger could create a super brewery, makers of budweiser and budd light could be makers of miller light, anheuser-busch, wants to buy sab miller. the new company would make nine of the world's top 20 beers, by volume, it is a
5:43 pm
$245 billion offer, and it would have to pass antitrust regulators in several countries. and, how about a little pasta with your beer or maybe, a lot of pasta. olive garden is bringing back never ending pasta pass. for $100 you can get unlimited pasta and coke drinks for seven weeks. family pass sells for $300. last year 1,000 passes sold out in an hour, 2,000 passes go on sale, on thursday. um, um. >> that will make you hungry. >> i'm telling you. >> we have had beautiful weather for several days and more in the forecast. >> when can we expect changes. kate has your full forecast when we come right back.
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feel ace extending the deadline for homeowners to challenge their super storm sandy flood damage claims. thirty day extension came just before tuesday's deadline, expired. lawmakers complained homeowners were shortchanged by insurers, under the national flood insurance program. fema says more than 20,000 homeowners have asked for
5:47 pm
reviews. >> kate joins with us our forecast. can you keep this coming. >> i will keep it coming, tomorrow, friday, saturday, things looking great. some changes starting sunday but don't have any real rain in the forecast, or any real cold in the forecast. it will just stay comfortable. >> yes. >> for next several days. >> let's hope it last until the pope gets here. >> that is up in the air but we will keep an eye on it. the as soon as we get hard information. lets look outside, we have not much to information cast today except blue skies and sunshine, and we're debating the difference between is it 86 or 87 degrees. that is a good problem to have in the weather department. things looking fantastic today, we have got a pretty great stretch of weather this summer in general. weekend especially. last weekend was first weekend we had significant rainfall since the fourth of july and it looks like this weekend will be another fabulous summer weekend, and fall officially begins on the 23rd. so a beautiful day outside in center city. eyewitness weather watchers enjoying this. it is warm.
5:48 pm
some eyewitness weather watchers reporting temperatures around 90 degrees. eighty-seven at phil chapline's house in chestnut hill. best week of the summer. i would tend to agree with that. look at the this great picture. wissohickon at valley green looks beautiful there. on forbidden drive. great day for a bike ride or a walk or a jog or a run, anything you want to do outside, not too steamy. it is hot but it is not too bad to get exercise. 88 degrees at ed connor's house. hot day for roofing. take many breaks. monday was better. mop was cooler. we started on a more fall like note and now feeling like return of summer. paul martin in new london township. eighty-three, warmer, but lots have of sun made it a day worth remembering come december. i said that on twitter. if we could about on the this will and sell it to have profit in january or february, that would be a very lucrative business. 85 degrees as we check in with delaware with david, he is in middletown. 85 degrees. we have got sunny icon on everybody's map here, we're
5:49 pm
not done with summer just yet. we are not. lets look at what is going on on storm scan three, we are looking at sun across the board. blue skies. so few sirus cloud today. that is all we will get here over next few days. big dome of high pressure indicates sinking air. when air faults like that it is dry air. call than not get enough upper motion to create cloud cover. all these cloud with the system a across south east are being suppressed and should stay to the south. our next front is way back here over up are midwest. it is fizzling. lifting. it is weakening. may bring us cloud on sunday. cooler temperatures but that is bit. 85 degrees right now in philadelphia 87 allentown. eighty-four in millville. dew points, comfortable. dew point as cross the the vast majority of the area are in the low to mid 50's. sixty's off to the south. dew points in the 50's still in the pleasant range and dew point in philadelphia is closer to awesome right around 50 degrees. it will feel pleasant, awesome right through rest of the week and in the weekend as well.
5:50 pm
getting more humid as we head into saturday. high pressure overhead you can see jet stream lifted well to the north. we are in the red and orange right in the weekend it stays very nice and warm. overnight clear, calm, comfortable at 63 degrees. sunny skies, beauty. 85 degrees is our daytime high for your thursday. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, looks great mid 80's through start of the weekend. sunday cooler with a few more cloud and more cloud next week. temperatures where they should be, next chance for showers in our forecast not until wednesday the first day of fall, ukee, back over to you. you may soon notice a a few changes at your neighborhood target. retailer is pushing toward more health conscious lifestyles for customers and employees. when you are in the check outline you'll see healthier, grab and go snacks instead of candy. target employees will receive free fit bit activity trackers and extra discounts when they buy fruits and vegetables. on the healthwatch
5:51 pm
tonight, deadly nationwide sal minute until a out break linked to cucumbers continues to grow saying it is hitting children and young people the hardest and there are some connections. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has the very latest on that. >> that is right, federal investigators say that new jersey was among the states where tainted cucumbers were distributed, and with the people who gotten sick from them, there ara lot, there are two in pennsylvania. but we don't have any specific locations. cue couplers with link to the salmonella out break probably came from mexico according to investigators. the cdc said two people, one in california, one in texas has died, more than 400 have been sickened, nearly one out of every four has been hospitalized. >> a person infect with salmonella has fever, abdominal cramps and die least a for four to seven days. the most people recover without treatment. >> reporter: recalled cucumbers were recalled between august 1st and september 3rd and distributed in 3,031st states nationwide
5:52 pm
including new jersey. children under five, old's adults and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to have complication from his salmon philadelphia, more than half of those sickened are under the the age of of 18. >> some people have more severe illness where bacteria travels in the book bloodstream and so they may require treatment and hospitalization. >> now voluntary recall covers cucumbers sold under the the fat boy label. the type of cucumber involve is referred to as a slicer or a american and they were mostly sold in bulk bins without packaging or plastic wrapping. people have said, well, what if i had cucumber? they say if you are at all concerned worried bit, please call. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. still ahead on "eyewitness news", a story of brotherly love, it business a little boy, and, for a chore. >> so they are selling a calendar design, by kids. this is really special. we will tell you when we come
5:53 pm
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padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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and in voorhees new jersey a brother and sister are going door to door selling a calendar very dear to their heart. >> they are raising money for research, for serious diseases and it thinks weeks story of brotherly love. >> jab, jab, jab. >> he loves legos and iron man, so when max needed surgery time plant a port in
5:57 pm
his chest his father explained in a way that he could understand. >> i said that metal disk he has in his chest you will get one of those, i will remember it for rest of my life, he said i will get to be iron man. >> we both have ports. >> max needed port for medication for his hemophilia a genetic disorder that prevents blood from clotting, any injury could be life threatening. >> sometimes difficult to let him just be a normal kid. >> for the the first, four years of his life he had to wear a hell met, to, keep his brain and head safe. >> reporter: max's eight year-old sister so i who loves photography came up with an idea to help kid like her brother. >> i'm making a calendar to raise money for chop to help cure hemophilia. >> we got amazing pictures all taken by little kid and i put them together. >> october. >> so he pick what was going to go on each one, max pick the color of each one. >> i pick picture.
5:58 pm
i took a picture of the school bus. >> reporter: he and max and friend, sold them door to door and on line. they call the effort hearts for hemophilia, already they have raised more than $6,000 for chop. >> we thought if we get to a thousand dollars that would be neat. we will help a a lot of people with thousand dollars to get to five to six for two little kids selling calendars. >> reporter: every dollar and every mention of hemophilia helps. >> thank you for buying the calendar. >> thank you, my man. >> the calendars are available, $20 on line and to buy one we have a link to cbs they called my man, iron max. >> iron max. >> come on. >> way to go. >> that is great. >> great brother and sister duo there. >> how about that. >> that is "eyewitness news" 59:00. now at 6:00 scary moments at delaware park race track, we will show you violent collision that injured two jockeys. and a war of word between mayor nutter and city controller, why they are at odd over cities l and i
5:59 pm
commissioner. plus more struggles for rutgers university athletics why their coach has been suspended, after a battle with penn state, kate. another gorgeous day to day, the streak continues, wonderful wednesday, lead to a terrific thursday, then a fabulous friday, can we keep it going. i will have the full seven day eyewitness forecast all right now at 6:00. and we will begin at 6:00 o'clock with a violent collision captured on camera at delaware park race track. two horses, ran into each other during a race this afternoon, throwing both jockeys to the ground. both of the jockeys were taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. we are told the horses are also doing okay tonight. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. >> also tonight serious allegations against school district employees in bucks county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us from the school administration building
6:00 pm
in levittown with the story, diana. >> reporter: the school district maintenance director was arrested yesterday along with two other men, the charges are that 59 year-old james anders junior is accused of using his position to make sure bid for work, to the school, went to a company owned by his friend patrick, who in exchange, offered kickbacks, this all happen with the help of the third man ernest neff. it ace alleged from 2006 through 2010, 12 contracts were awarded for more than $370,000. and, any project by submitting bid under three different company names, all companies, belonging to squires. when the school district became suspicious they used fake companies and fake names. we talk to parents outside one of the cash strapped elementary schools this afternoon and here's what they had to say. >> going to school should been the the kid not what you should line your pockets


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